Sunday, August 3, 2008

Flames in the canyon. (And the ones in my heart.)

So Paul and I went on a drive down Provo Canyon, expecting a leisurely trek. When we got there, ABC News vans arrived and we saw the awesome touring flames of a forest fire right in the canyon! It was really cool. There were a lot of people pouring into the canyon apparently for the singular purpose of watching the firefighting. That was a surprise!

We passed the action and turned into Vivian Park. We drove by the park and found a trailhead tucked back away from the more popular areas. There it was very quiet and we just sat and soaked in the calm for a while.

Paul and I like to get to know each other better by reading our old journals together. It is quite fun to journey back into each other's experiences and learn about each other, although sometimes it can be embarressing too. (High school crushes are hilarious!) We read a little from one of my 2004 journals while in the canyon.

I'm just so grateful to have Paul! I had good reason to doubt in the past that I would ever get to have a husband, and now I do! He is the greatest friend I have ever had and I appreciate him so much. He is the only person who sees me completely, all the way through. So many people (even people that I have loved) have been unable to see past my weight and my timidity and whatever else to the person inside. I think of Paul as God's special present to me.

He is mine, but I'll share him just a little if you want. :)