Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blog written by my friend Melanie. :)

I am a sprite from the faraway land of Talula in the Galapan galaxy. I was playing a lovely tune on my harp with my underwater friends when suddenly I appeared in Jessi Robbins' living room. She was a little surprised to see me there at first. I think I may have caught her when she was very tired because she yawned (or was it her mouth opening in shock? hmm) and immediately dropped to the floor. Pretty soon though, she woke up again, and we began to share our life stories. She wanted me to write an entry in this . . . what do you call . . . a b-l-o-g? What a strange name. I would call it a lahoola. But that's in the language of sprites.
Well Jessi, what do you want me to tell them? I want to know how I shall get home. I have heard of teleportation but have no idea how it works. Perhaps I am developing a gift for it. I only need to control it. When I get it under control I'll let you know. Until then you are certainly welcome to visit me and I will grant you your heart's innermost desire with my sprite magic.