Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm a freelance writer now!

So I'm hired to blog. It's all stuff about health and exercise, and I've learned a whole lot about that stuff since I was diagnosed with diabetes. Right now it's all random and I get paid per blog. I'm so excited to be starting my first real paid writing job! Yippee doo!

Ok, I don't know where "yippee doo" came from, but I do have reason to be happy. It doesn't pay a ton, but most writers make very little money. It's miraculous when a writer can actually live exclusively off writing- most have their "real" job and write in their spare time. I'm happy to have the opportunity to get my career started. Someday, it will be exclusively my novels, but for now getting some freelance jobs will look good on my resume.

Ha ha ha. A writing resume. How awesome!