Thursday, September 2, 2010

The library is a nice place to live.

I wish that there were private apartments within the library here on campus. I bet the rent would be quite reasonable, even if the accommodations were a bit... academic. It would be convenient to actually move into the library, since that is where I am going to have to be every day all semester long. I am already eating, drinking, and sleeping my research. What could I have been thinking, signing up for four English classes and a history writing class?

You would think that if I would be allowed to choose my own topics for my research, I would be intelligent enough to pick topics that would be reasonably easy to research.

Ha, ha.

I am simply too passionate, too interested in the quirky, and too whimsically-minded to research regular, solid, uninteresting topics. If I am going to spend hundreds of hours studying and writing about something, I want it to be freakin' cool. Otherwise I will bored and hate my [English, writing concentration] life.

So... I am writing about food. I want to see how the American diet changed in the last century, why it changed, and what those changes mean about our society. For another class, I am coming up with a feasible solution to the problem of starvation in countries that have taken loans from the World Bank. (I think countries need to pull out of world economics and first feed themselves; I theorize that only through self-sufficiency will the starvation problem be solved.) I'm sure my solutions will be earth-shattering and all that, but it's hard to find sources for basic research. And this is not even mentioning literature research for my other classes...!

Maybe I should keep blankets, pillows and copious amounts of snack foods in the car just in case a corner of the library opens up for habitation. Then I can just move in permanently and save myself the trouble and driving back and forth from home. It would be so much easier that way.