Friday, March 11, 2011

Too many action spy shows...!!!!!!!

I had this crazy scary dream last night about one of my cousins trying to kill me. It was funny because the dream didn't sound at all scary when I tried to tell Paul about it, but it was quite terrifying. I haven't even seen that cousin in years, and I always liked him. (He was nice to me when I was little, anyway.) My cousin first stole my possessions (a wallet, I believe and some other things that I can't remember) and then told me he would kill me. When I tried to run, he broke down a door chasing me and was going to hit me with a big hard-backed book when I woke up...

I don't know what's up with my crazy violent dreams. Maybe it's the latent result of watching several seasons of 24, and maybe it's because Paul and I have recently been watching Chuck. All the running around and shooting and fist fights might be catching up with me. My favorite dreams of that sort are the ones that turn me into a karate-chopping action hero. Sometimes I just flat knock out all the bad guys!

Random, I know. But I needed to write something... :)