Saturday, January 12, 2008

Girl power!

My friend Katy was just over and she showed me how to get a new background, so I did. Now it's all pink flowers. But it's good to change, especially to put different pictures up.

It was fun to spend time with Katy-- you know women just need other women. It is a fact. Guys like being together, certainly, but I don't think they need each other the way we women do. I wonder why that is? Does estrogen just like the company of other estrogen or is it something more?

Even though I never dated anyone before Paul, I spent a lot of my growing up time with boys. In middle school, I had a friend named Brett and in high school Daniel. I loved them a lot, but it was so nice my freshmen year of college to have two friends who were girls. Melanie, Eryn, and I were always together, and it was just the funnest thing. Guys just don't appreciate driving around for hours and singing-- or eating unnatural amounts of chocolate. And guys don't have the ability to analize feelings the way that girls do.

Anyway, it was fun.