Friday, January 4, 2008

Home from the holidays.

Greetings. I am so happy that some of my cousins are posting comments on my blogs, but I don't know how to respond-- or what their blogspots are. Okay, I'm kind of technology illiterate or I know I would already know how to do this stuff. If anyone wants to give me a call and tell me how I can go to their blogspots, feel free. I would like to see pictures of everyone.

So we were in Vernal for two weeks, and that was a COLD experience. I don't think the temperature ever got above zero the entire trip. There was a lot of snow and ice and danger... But on the bright side, we got to go ice fishing!

That was a first for Paul, who has only fished twice in his life (once illegally on his mission). We went twice, all bundled up in Dad's extra warm clothes. The first time, I caught so many fish, and they were all big! It was so exciting to pull them out one after the other. The next time, it was Paul's turn. He picked a really good fishing hole. He was cute and excited and laughed a lot.

Mom took some really fun pictures of us, but I can't find my jump drive to put them on the computer... But I will display them soon, I promise. We got a lot of cool presents and it was a good time.

Thanks, Mom.

So it was back to school today. I might be switching my schedule around some, but I'm excited. And Paul is REALLY excited because he's graduating next December. Hopefully I can take enough classes to graduate with him. Cross your fingers.