Monday, December 29, 2008

Ah, games.

Last night, we were at our friend's house. They have an adorable little girl whose almost two named Calista. We were playing a board game and I just happened to be winning. I say that because my style of playing board games is not the most competitive. I tend to just keep to myself and do random things that strike my fancy as being advantageous. When the other characters are picking on each other and sabotaging each other, I get more or less forgotten and that's how I win.

Well, I was sitting there and Calista was across the table from me. She pointed to one of the game pieces on the table and I immitated her, pointing to a matching piece on my side of the table. She caught on quickly to the game and pointed to another and we were having a good time immitating each other across the table. I looked up suddenly and saw that Paul and Calista's parents were watching me as if I was insane. They saw what I was doing but hadn't noticed Calista at all.

Paul asked slowly, "What are you doing?"

I had to just laugh. Calista was still waiting expectantly for me to point to one of the little colored cubes and I had to explain to the adults at the table how our game worked. They didn't seem to think it sounded all that fun but Calista sure liked it a lot!