Thursday, December 25, 2008

My words.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a paper for my American Literature class. It was supposed to be about "Neighbor Rosicky" by Willa Cather, but I found myself tying in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller and was surprised by the result. What I ended up with was a long narrative about my decision to be an English Major and the pressures and challenges I have had to face for making that choice.

I turned the paper in the next day and was unaware of what followed until later. My teacher, Deb, read the paper immediately and then went to meet with a student. The student was a young freshman girl who wanted to be an English Major and was not sure that the people in her life would support her. This was why she wanted to meet with Deb, to seek counsel and advice. Deb handed the girl my paper and she read it right there in the office.

Deb told me later that it was exactly what that girl needed at that moment and because of my words she found the strength to dedicate her life to her best personal path. It was almost as if I had been aware of that girl's life and had written just for her. I was so amazed by the experience and through it, I have learned some interesting things.

I didn't write the paper for that girl who I have never met. I wrote it because I felt that I needed to and I was surprised by how my original idea had morphed into its own creation. I can see clearly now that the Lord was directing my work, steering and prompting me to write the things that I did- because even though I could have no idea who would be reading my paper, the Lord knew that there was someone I could reach. He loved the freshman girl and wanted her to find comfort and reassurance at a time of turmoil in her life.

I begin to understand that whatever I choose to do, I can reach out to the people in my life through my words. The Lord is not so concerned with one's choice of occupation; where ever we place ourselves in life, he can make us instruments in that capacity.

So I decided I have to start writing again because... who knows? Someone might need my words and even if I never learn who I have impacted and how, I want to be a useful instrument in the hands of the one who knows better than I do.