Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Let's get out of here before this goes bad!"

I think I've been watching too many action/adventure films lately. The last two nights I have dreamed the craziest wild adventures- and frightening scenes too. In one dream, Paul and I were in this house (for a reason that made perfect sense in the dream that I cannot now remember) with a man and a woman who were looking at us strangely. They seemed to know something we didn't and when they left us alone for a moment, Paul said to me, "Let's get out of here before this goes bad!"

We went to the door and found it locked. The windows were too small to climb out of. (Of course we never thought to pay attention to that before!) We began desperately searching the room for some way to escape and we pried open a cabinet, in which we found a bunch of medical equipment. With sickening horror, we realized that these people intended to use the equipment on us! When the enemies came back into the room, we had an all-out fist fight and let me tell you. In my dreams, I can fight like a female Zorro! We beat the trash out of those people!

In another dream, one of my friends and I were fugitives. We were running down these stairs on a steep hillside and all the while she was begging me to let her call her dad. I said, "You know they'll be tracking his phone! You can't call or the cops'll come right to us."

"But, Jessi!" she sobbed, "I don't know how long I can do this! I miss my family! We can't keep running forever."

"We can!" I insisted, "Just keep going and we'll find a way out of this!"

Really, I should write for Hollywood. My disturbed sleep is just as cheesy as any action movie!