Sunday, February 1, 2009

There is reason for feasting!

I want everyone to celebrate and rejoice with music and dancing (and delicious food). My husband finished his graduate school application! After a lot of time and stress, he's home free and we have really high hopes for this particular program in general psych. It is such a relief to have that behind us now. And when you're done feasting and celebrating, please start praying that this program lets us in/gives us great financial aid.

In reality, though, we feel really right about this and it is almost certain that we'll be moving to Arizona in the summer. That'll be a new state for both of us. I've only ever lived in Utah except for two semesters in Virginia and Paul's record is only one state more impressive. He's the California boy who went on a mission to Florida and then later moved to Utah. That's four states between the two of us and moving to Arizona will bring us to a grand total of five!

It's so fun to think of living in a new place, especially not a basement. We have resolved to never, ever, ever, under any circumstances live in a basement again. Floods and mice and tiny windows and lots of spiders are all things we'd rather leave behind us forever. And, most importantly for Paul, we won't live in another with a low ceiling. I feel so bad when he hits his head!