Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Lesson of IPODs.

Yesterday when I was driving, I almost hit a girl on a bike! It was in kind of a weird situation where this car was parked the road and I was continually blocked by oncoming traffic from leaving a parking lot. I finally had a chance to zip in between two cars, so I hit the gas and right that second, a young woman on a bike appeared from nowhere in the same space and I just about creamed her. Seriously. I was maybe an inch from hitting her! It scared me to death.

The crazy thing is that she didn't even notice. I'm not kidding! She was listening to an IPOD and didn't even turn her head in my direction! She was very nearly escorted to the pearly gates and she wasn't even aware of it. I really don't know how some people have survived to adulthood. She must have had extremely protective parents who were there to prevent her from, you know, sticking forks into light sockets and riding in the car without a seatbelt. Otherwise I'm sure she would have died long ago by just not paying attention to the world.

But I was grateful anyway that I didn't actually kill her. It would have been so horrible if I hadn't noticed her until after she was under my car.

So this is the lesson of... Ipods. Ipods can kill you if you're not careful. :)