Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wonderful sad movie.

Yesterday Paul and I watched the most emotional movie we've seen in a long time. It was called P.S. I Love You. I don't think it would have been as emotional for me had I not been married for a couple of years now, but it just really hit me and I bawled my head off!

The film opens with this fight between a married couple-- and I thought it was very realistic. I've had fights with Paul in which we absolutely broke each other's hearts. It's because it is so HARD to be married and keep it all together and nothing ever manages to happen as you plan. But every time we fight, we always make up and love each other more and sometimes fights are good because it gives you a chance to say all the things that simply need to be said. And that's how it happened in the movie too. After the husband had stormed out angry, he came back in and they ran to each other and kissed and said sorry. It gave me the feeling of a true and deep relationship with all its complexities.

But the next scene in the movie is the husband's Irish wake just a few months later because he has died of a brain tumor. The rest of the movie is the story of the wife and the process of healing that she has to go through without him. There's more to it that I'm not telling so that all of you who haven't seen it can have some delightful surprises.

We get to see some of the things that have happened in their relationship in the past and I just kept imagining what I would do if I lost Paul and consequently could not stop crying through the whole thing! Normally we watch movies on separate couches, but he had to come over to my couch to be with me because I was so upset.

It's good to be reminded of how much you love your spouse. Marriage is something that only survives if it is cherished and nourished. I just love Paul so much!