Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A correction to the text.

I stand corrected. Jeanne was not actually there for the imaginary cookie incident. She was only at school there with Ruth and I for the first semester and then she moved away the second. But I have lots of happy Jeanne memories that are just as fun. One of my favorites was one of the last nights before Jeanne left and there was a heavy snowstorm. It had snowed too much too fast for the street scrapers to respond, so the streets were covered in a thick layer of compacted snow that was extremely slippery. Jeanne and I went "skating" up the streets, which included much running and sliding and trying not to fall. We had been getting in shape for several weeks (with Ruth) and we got hyper and started running as fast as we could. It was really amazing to feel our legs burning with the exertion of running while we were literally trembling with cold.