Sunday, March 23, 2008

Imaginary cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I had the most random memory come to me and it really made me laugh. My sophomore year at college, my friends Ruth, Jeanne, and I did some seriously silly stuff. (Our friend Elyse was involed too, I think.) We made cookies once and had stuffed ourselves on them before putting them into a gallon baggy. I think I started the madness, but it might have been Ruth. Anyway, we took turns hiding the cookies in random places around the apartment, getting a little more creative each time. "Hide the cookies" became commonplace on warm and boring afternoons.

But it gets better. On one such afternoon, the three of us were laying in Ruth's bedroom burned out from homework and feeling utterly lethargic.

Ruth said, "Let's play Hide the Cookies."

"We don't have any." I said, "I'm too tired to make cookies right now."

"Well," Ruth responded, "I'll hide some imaginary cookies, then."

I started to laugh lazily, but she closed her eyes and said, "Wait. Wait. I'm hiding them. I have to find a good place." After a moment, she opened her eyes again. "All right. I've hidden them."

It turned out that "Hide the Imaginary Cookies" was even funner than "Hide the Cookies!" You could put them in much more interesting places than real cookies would allow. Once I hid them in the pocket of the Levi jacket in my closet and another time under the plunger in the bathroom. Ruth liked to hide them on the under side of furniture.

Anyway, it is completely ridiculous, but we had so much fun! Ah, the Ruth and Jeanne era...