Friday, March 28, 2008


I have just a few moments before bed, so this will probably be short.

Never has it seemed more clear to me just how limited our mortal perspective is. I have had cause recently to consider choice and accountability. The burning question I tried not to ask myself for so long was this: Is it my fault all these bad things are happening in my life?

It was hard to face to this question-- maybe harder than anything else I have had to do. But the experience of shame and blame and catharsis taught me something in a very poignant way. The Lord knew things I didn't know and my choices all along were limited to the things I could see at the time. Am I responsible for the choices I've made? Yes. Should I blame myself now and punish myself for doing things I believed were the best at the time? No. All I should do now is make sure that I consult with the One who knows much more than I do from now on.