Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sister memories.

My cousin Betsy lost a baby a week ago and I was not able to go to the funeral because I had to work. It was so sad! I have had cause to think about my little sister Sheridan a lot since then and I keep wondering what she would be like if she had lived.

I would like to hope that we would be friends and have the kind of close sisterly relationship that I see on movies. I am reminded of some of the lovely days when Sara was about eight years old and couldn't get enough of my stories. Sometimes I would read to her and sometimes (especially at night) I would tell her tales of the adventures of characters Elizabeth and Jack. We would beg Mom to let us sleep out on the tramp all summer long, but then we'd usually get too cold or too scared and end up coming in at some point during the night anyway. I really miss the days of the past!

Anyway, I have to go visiting teaching now.