Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A glimpse into the geeky-ness.

I have a week before school starts again and I finally decided that I just have to actually get something done. Since Christmas Break started, I have become a Final Fantasy VI fiend. (American Final Fantasy III, if you must know.) Anyone who has become deeply involved in a Final Fantasy game understands the complexities of building characters' levels. They just can't learn their spells if they don't get into enough battles! I have become so obsessed that Paul just sighs and shakes his head- his characters are at about half the strength of mine because I've been playing so much...

But today, I was a good girl. I got out all my papers and folders and three boxes of letters and organized it all! My entire bed was covered and it took all day, (except for that one interval of getting groceries) but I DID IT!

I was wading through letters and cards that I haven't laid eyes in years, little sticky notes that I have no idea who wrote and in-class notes I passed with my junior high friends. I kept finding packets of letters written in my old friend Chelsea's handwriting (with responses in my handwriting) and so I had to take a closer look. Turns out we were writing to each other from the perspectives of Lord of the Rings characters, Legolas and Pippin trying to one-up each other on whether things were rougher at Isengard or Helm's Deep. It was so hilarious! Every letter from Legolas would end with something like, "Sorry, but I have to go cut off some more orc limbs now. Have fun with the ents..."

I have got to be one of the geekiest human beings on the planet!