Thursday, April 9, 2009

Old pants.

My mom and my sister have just stopped by Provo for a few hours and are on their way back home. Sara had an appointment and they ate dinner with us before leaving.

Mom brought this big bag of jeans for me to try on and some of them were mine from junior high! I'm not generally attached to clothing, but it was fun to put on my old pants, like talking to an old friend. I couldn't fit into them, but I'm not too far from being able to do so! I have an unusual body, not unlike my friends who have recently given birth. I have an overlarge belly and so all the pants were a perfect fit on my legs and butt- and wouldn't fit over the stupid belly!

I really can sympathize with mothers on many levels.

But, as I was saying, I've got some of my old junior high pants back! It's a good reminder that I am the same person that I have always been.