Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy sneeze-day to me...

I always think I'm so funny. For my Facebook status, I put a reference to 24, and I am so curious to see who will understand it and who will ask me hilarious questions about what I mean. I crack myself up sometimes!

Anyway, we FINALLY sold the contract, some people put down a deposit, and we're supposed to be ready to leave tomorrow. I say supposed to because I'm not fully better yet from my sickness, and Paul has come down hard with it, too. Last night, he had a fever for hours, and today he's not feeling great at all. Between the two of us, we haven't managed to get very much done. I have to hand it to him, though. Today he did the nasty job of cleaning out the car even though he was coughing like crazy and it was freezing cold outside. At least I was working in the warm kitchen!

The good news is that I feel quite a bit better today than I did yesterday, and I've been in good spirits all day. I have to say, it's a strange birthday, though. No one has called me, and Paul didn't even remember until I reminded him this morning. It's like it's not real. I suppose when you grow up, that's the way birthdays usually are. Nobody cares about them unless you remind them. You have to say, "Come to my birthday party! I'm special, and you need to come show me that you love me by giving me gifts!"

Speaking of gifts, my friend Emilee brought me a care package because I'm sick. It had nice soft tissues, chicken noodle soup, chap stick, vitamin C drops, and a mug with hot cocoa mix and hot apple cider mix. It was such a nice thing to do! I will really miss Emilee.

That's the depressing thing about hopping around the country like this. When you leave a place, you always have to leave people. It's so sad! Why can't everyone that I love just come with me where ever I move? It can be like a caravan!

That's how I think it should it be.