Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time to dust off the ol' blog...

So I'm at school and I need to write a huge compilation paper of my ethnography. (That's the field research I did for my anthropology class.) I also have to write as many articles as I can for my new job. But when I sat down at my favorite spot in the computer lab, I thought, "My poor, pathetic blog has just been sitting there collecting dust! I've got to do something about..."

Blogs DO collect dust, you know. With disuse, they sort of get stale and start to stagnate. Like all the swamps around here, they start to smell bad and that makes people leave them as quickly as possible when they're browsing through. Not that I'm some kind of glory hound, but I do like people to read the things I write. I like to know that people are listening to the things I have to say, and they're not likely to do that if I don't keep the blog up to date and change it up a lot. I must let no more dust fall!

Honestly, with trying to figure out how to get the money to move and finishing up the major projects in my classes and taking time to build up my relationships and improve my life, I have hardly had a second to think about the blog. We haven't been able to find someone who wants our house yet, and we're really counting on getting our deposit back if we're going to have any chance of paying one when we move. I've been trying to find out about independent study classes here at ASU so that I can stay enrolled with this school and not have to hassle with transferring in the middle of the school year. FHSU has been monumentally unhelpful with helping me transfer there, and the person "assigned" to answer my questions won't help me at all. So I'd rather stay enrolled with this school if I could, but ASU's website is also monumentally unhelpful. My head spins around and around as I try to figure it all out...!

But this is just how life is. Whatever you try to do, there will be obstacles and anxiety. We always seem to be on the brink of disaster, but things always work out somehow. We've never actually been homeless yet, or died, or been sent to prison for not paying our utility bills. Our phones have only been shut off twice, and one of those times was in error.

Things are always going wrong, but life is good and I am happy. I ought to laugh at my own anxiety and remind myself of all that the Lord and many good people have done for us already. The list is pretty impressive and I'm sure I don't know most of the things on it!