Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm sick.

Oh, man. I've really come down with something this time! I was getting a sore throat last night, and I took NyQuil in hopes of getting some sleep. Well, I slept, but I was so sluggish and miserable this morning from the drug-induced sleep. I'm so tired.

We haven't had any luck, yet, selling our contract. People seem to be too turned off by the neighborhood. I'm starting to develop a contingency plan of what to do when Saturday comes and we haven't managed to sell it yet. (Cry, become a begger on the street, etc.) I'm so frustrated, and I wish people weren't so obsessed with appearances. It really seems to be less about being safe and more about living in a place that looks good.

I hated being in bed most of the day when there is so much I should be doing, but I was just too sick. I spent several hours in a half-doze, slipping in and out of bizarre dreams. Thirty second dreams are the weirdest- there's usually an image, some significant idea, and not much else.

Ugh. I'm like one of those toddlers that makes you cringe- nose running out of control with no mother paying attention, who incidentally needs a good nap.

I think it's time for bed.