Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wonderful things.

I have been feeling hope come into my life in huge bursts. After being sick all semester, I think my positive feelings were slowly drained away, and now my health is returning. I feel good again, happy, and productive. And I'm so excited that tomorrow is my last day of work! I have already gotten some good feedback on my first chapter in my Alvar book from some writing buddies, one of which writes like a professional. She is so good in her own work that I highy, respect her opinion on other people's writing.

On Sunday, Paul and I are driving out to Vernal because my childhood next-d00r-neighbor Cassie is back from her mission and we're going to her homecoming. It's strange, but I had a dream about seeing her again, and it brought a lot of warmth into my heart. We were friends most of the time we were growing up, although we were closer some times than others. I find that I am actually missing some of my old friends from high school that I haven't kept in contact with. In Alma 17, when Alma ran into Ammon and his brother, he rejoiced that "they were still his brethren in the Lord." That is what I hope to find when I do make contact with these old friends again.

I just feel so grateful for all the wonderful things in my life! The Lord has really "opened the window of heaven" and poured out of blessing that there has not been room enough to receive. I think sometimes the Lord blesses us by letting us struggle so that we can gain strength and understanding. And then, the struggles will end and we can look back and see how we have grown from our hardships and find joy in them.