Friday, January 9, 2009

The gods of the rain forest hate me for being the paper monger.

Oh, my. Out of four classes, I have two which don't require the students to buy a text book. I was thinking, "Yes! I can save hundreds of dollars!" That was until I went to the computer lab and printed all fifty pages of readings for the next class period. Saving money or not, it is tedious to stand there watching each page print out one at a time. At this colosal rate, I will use my 200 free pages in a week and a half! And if I print things at home, it will be ridiculous to be buying a new print cartridge every week!

It's all just seeming a little extreme to me.

But let us take a moment to rejoice that after this semester, I will be all finished completely and forever with General Ed classes. It gives some reason to all the madness......