Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Something there is that doesn't love a wall"

I realized as I was working on the planning stages of my new book that my interest in writing is really the human interest. I delve into the workings of the soul and I desire to portray people in a realistic way that will be like a mirror for my readers. They will find themselves in the pages and perhaps learn something about this condition we are all in. We are all so different, many individuals with unique combinations of traits and experiences. Yet deep down we all just the same. I want to somehow find a way to communicate that.

This is a lesson I needed to learn. I always used to believe that there were so many good reasons why I couldn't be friends with so many people. I was too quiet for them. They were too fashionable for me. I was not into the same things that they were. They wouldn't want to be seen with someone who was overweight. Etc, etc, etc.

None of those things matter at all! People are beautiful and I'm so blessed to now have more friends (and a variety of kinds of friends) than I have ever had. It's all right if I am not like someone. The walls we construct between other human beings are only ever imaginary.