Sunday, January 4, 2009


I'm trying to fortify myself for the coming week. The first day of school is Wednesday, and I feel anxious for it to come. At the same time, I'm already inwardly groaning at the workload I know I will have. Readings and more readings, papers to write, and algebra problems.... No offense to you math people out there, but math pretty much sucks if you ask me.

I love school, though, even if I have to take certain classes against my will. The experience of learning is simply invaluable. I tried the life of just working a low-wage job for the first year of my marriage. Frankly, it didn't remotely satisfy me. I just had to get back to school. I love the feeling that my world is growing, that my perspectives are expanding. There is so much to learn and I just don't see how I can write about life if I don't go to school to learn about it. Considering that most of the people in the history of the world were illiterate and had no opportunity whatsoever to recieve an education, I am filled with gratitude at the opportunities of this day and age- and in this country.

Yay for school!